The latest Scatqueens Movies - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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The latest Scatqueens Movies

We are the Scatqueens and we shit and piss into the mouths of our toilet slaves. Serve us as a human toilet.

Horse Shit Scat

Scatqueen Mistress Michelle is in her riding trailer and her toilet slave kneels on all fours. She whips his ass with a cane and gives him kicks in his slaves ass. He moans and is allowed to swallow the spit of Mistress Michelle and lick her dirty riding boots clean. Then he may eat chewed food from the filthy floor before Mistress Michelle uses the slave as a human toilet for pissing and shitting.


Length: 18min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Slave Cunt Tortured and Shit into Mouth P2

The two Scatqueens Lady Domi and Lady Lucy have a lot of fun using a toilet slave to shit in his mouth and to piss. Shortly after the slave has eaten the shit of Lady Domi Lady Lucy bends over his toilets mouth and leaves her piss and shit in his slaves mouth. Then he has to suck on the shit and gets his face full of spit. Lady Domi pukes the slaves cunt while he chews the horny shit of Lady Lucy in his mouth. He swallowed this shit-vomit mix without further ado. The Scatqueens are looking forward to whipping the slave mercilessly. The slave moans and squirms.

Length: 14min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Slave Cunt Tortured and Shit into Mouth P1

Scatqueens Lady Domi is mad at the slave cunt kneeling in front of her. He sometimes gets violent lashes with the riding crop pulled over his back, he writhes in pain and moans. After that, the Scatqueens spit into his slaves face and whip him repeatedly, spit and whip in exchange. With a long pair of pliers, his nipples are treated and his nose pinched before Lady Domi pisses him in his mouth with relish and then she shits a pile of shit in his cunt mouth.

Length: 15min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Stick in the Ass for the Shit Eater Scat P2

Now the toilet slave is lying on the floor for a while, chewing and swallowing the shit of Scatqueen's Lady Kimi. She is amused by the sight and wants to annoy the slave. Then she stands on the belly of the toilet slave while he is eating the shit. The piss of Lady Kimi and Lady Domi may then enjoy the slave. He does, however, distort his face and makes strange noises as he swallows the piss along with the shit of Lady Domi. That does not like the two Scatqueens and whip out the shit eater.

Length: 12min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Stick in the Ass for the Shit Eater Scat P1

Scatqueen Lady Kimi Lady Domi have a lot of fun today with the shit eater. They humiliate him. He has many braces in his slave face, his balls are severely pinched and he has a stick in his slave ass. So he has to present himself in front of the Scatqueens before Lady Kimi shits a long soft Kack sausage into his mouth. The shit fills his slave mouth completely and sticks out far out of his mouth. Lady Domi can not anymore, she has to puke of the stench and everything ends up on the toilet slave.

Length: 13min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

The Scatqueens and the Face Shit

Now the toilet slave is lying and has difficulty swallowing the pile of shit from Lady Domi. Well, there is still another pile of shit
. Lady Hanna must still piss and shit. The slave is already there and only has to open his mouth. This works perfectly, as the Scatqueens wish. Then follows a huge pile of shit, nice soft and spicy, which falls from the asshole of Lady Hanna in his mouth. After that, Lady Domi puke several times in the mouth of the toilet slave. Then he is whipped with the cane, so he swallows the shit and puke better.

Length: 13min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

A Horny Shit Eater to the Party P2

Scatqueens Lady Hanna and Lady Domi have paid a small visit to one of their toilet slaves. Both ladies want to shit the slave in his face. A good day for it. Lady Hanna shits a first huge pile in the face and into the mouth of the slave. That was not all. Lady Domi also shits her own sausage into the slaves face and pukes on top of it. A horny mess in the bathtub and the toilet slave is allowed to enjoy it now.

Length: 11min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

And just in case one of scatqueen smokes a cigarette, you are automatically her human ashtray , snaps a Scatqueen with their finger, you will go on your knees and open your mouth wide. This is normal for us.

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