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Update 12.8.2017 - Headfirst Shit into the Mouth

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We are the Scatqueens and we shit and piss into the mouths of our toilet slaves. Serve us as a human toilet.

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Headfirst Shit into the Mouth

Scatqueen Mistress Michelle enjoys sight of the toilet slave. He is tied and hangs from the ceiling in front of her eyes. So he will stay all the time. Mistress Michelle spits her slave first in his mouth and then places an inflatable anal plug in his slave asshole. This is also pumped up and so the toilet slave is used today. Mistress Michelle pisses and then shit from above into his toilet mouth. The crap is now stuffed in his mouth. The toilet slave must eat the shit. The rest of the shit is smeared today on his upper body. A real toilet slave who can then wank hisself and he has to eat his own cum. The Scatqueen is satisfied.

Length: 18 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Dog Education P2

The shit eating dog kneels before the dog bowl and begins to eat the piles of shit. He distracts his face, but Lady Domi and Lady Hanna are educating him to eat the shit which is served him. There are two more sausages and as dessert he gets the fat snot of the Scatqueens, which is pour in by Lady Hanna in his shit mouth. A pleasure for all true toilet slaves.

Length: 20 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Dog Education P1

Scatqueen Lady Domi and Lady Hanna educate the toilet slaves to the toilet dog. He can only be crawled on all fours like a dog from his corner, when the Scatqueens have made him something into the bowl. Of course for the slave dog only shit, piss and snot are on the menu, hahaha.

Length: 17 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

The Measure of the Scatqueens

Scatqueens Lady PJ brings a toilet slave to Mistress Michelle. The slave is supposed to be educated to swallow shit. First, he is fixed and played on his nipples and his cock before PJ uses his toilet mouth and pisses. After that, the toilet slave can lick her asshole. When Scatqueens Mistress Michelle then has to shit, the slave gets shit through his gag in his mouth. A perfect crap sausage from Mistress Michelle, which he has to eat. So that he can swallow better, the poop is pressed into his throat and then again pissed into his mouth.

Length: 20 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

The Looser

4 Scatqueens Ladies use the toilet slave. Lucy Delunatic makes starts and pisses him into his  mouth. One Lady after another is pissing. The slave is really filled up with piss. He swallows a  lot of piss today. Well, then comes Lady Missy who pisses him into his  slaves mouth and takes the opportunity to shit in his toilet mouth. Lady Missy gives the command to swallow her shit. Mistress Michelle comes and pee and shit into the mouth  of the slave. The toilet slave begins to chew the pile of shit. Then Mistress Michelle take a new pile from the toilet  bowl and stuffs the crap without mercy into the slaves mouth. Lady Missy it does not matter if the toilet slave has already swallowed  so much shit. She shits again. Now his  whole face is full of shit. Never mind, Lady Missy puts the toilet paper  directly on his face and has the idea to stuff the rest of shit in the mouth of the slaves.

Length: 36 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Femdom Lady Luisa - Presented Shit and Vomit Eater

Scatqueens Lady Domi wants to present her girlfriend Lady Luisa a the toilet slaves today and show her how she can shit the slave in his mouth and pukes. At first the slave is serving and do all that she want. Lady Luisa has a lot of fun. She enjoys spitting the slave into his mouth. And if she pulls up her snot, you'll hear that the mucus of Luisa must be pretty thick. An absolute horny movie for slaves, when a pretty lady spit her high pulled mucus in the mouth. Lady Luisa is beautiful. It does not take a minute and you see her dominant style. And when you hear how she talks to the slave and insults him, she just makes fun of treating the slave like a piece of shit. Simply a great Femdom Lady.

Length: 16 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Mistress Michelle - The Shit Diver P2

The toilet slave may first lick the dirty asshole of Mistress Michelle clean and his tongue does good work. The perfect wet toilet paper. Then he has to lick this piss from the floor and gets the order to put the diving suit. When he is in the complete diving suit with diving goggles and fins, Mistress Michelle feed him with the pieces of shit that lie on the ground and gives him a glass of fresh piss. The slave sweats like a pig. Just as he is now, he has to point to the balcony and show himself to all the people who just look at him. Mistress Michelle laughs and after a while she sends the toilet slaves out of the house. Then, still heavily breathing, he is already under the toilet chair and gets pissed into his toilets mouth and shit. Well, it's not a huge shit, more like a praline ala Mistress Michelle.

Length: 16 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

And just in case one of scatqueen smokes a cigarette, you are automatically her human ashtray , snaps a Scatqueen with their finger, you will go on your knees and open your mouth wide. This is normal for us.

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