The latest Scatqueens Movies - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

Update 1.12.2017 - The Mini Cock Torture of the Toilet Slave P2

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The latest Scatqueens Movies

We are the Scatqueens and we shit and piss into the mouths of our toilet slaves. Serve us as a human toilet.

The Mini Cock Torture of the Toilet Slave P2

Here the toilet slave eats the first fresh pile of shit from Scatqueen Lady Domi. Lady Kimi smokes then relaxed a cigarette and uses the mouth of the slave as an ashtray and spittoon before pissing in his mouth and then also shit. His Klomaul is again filled with shit. Chewing and enjoying, after all, is the shit of Scatqueens. Then there is also delicious dessert of Lady Kimi and Lady Domi. The two puke the toilet slave in his mouth. Everything is swallowed and licked from the ground. Scatqueen Lady Kimi still snorts her snot out of her nose into the face of a slave and lets him eat the snot from the handkerchief, good appetite!

Length: 20 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

The Mini Cock Torture of the Toilet Slave P1

The Scatqueens humiliate the toilet slave extremely. Lady Domi and Lady Kimi treat him like a piece of shit. They spit in his face and in his slave mouth, punching in his stomach and kicking in his balls till he writhe. The toilet slave has to endure everything that the Scatqueens command. Lady  Kimi loves to brutally pinch and twist the nipples of these toilet  slave while she sits on his face and Lady Domi trample him. Then Scatqueen Lady Domi has to shit. She pisses and shits in the face and into the mouth of the toilet slave.

Length: 20 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Lady Missy and Mistress Michelle – 2 Fresh Piles of Shit

Scatqueen Lady Missy has stayed in the garden house. Shortly after getting up she uses the slave as a human toilet and pisses in his mouth. Then Mistress Michelle appears and already the slave's mouth sticks to her feet and kisses them to greet the Scatqueen. It does not take long and Mistress Michelle has to go to the bathroom. The human toilet is already there with the open mouth waiting for its use. He has nothing more to do. Open your mouth and everything was the Scatquuens stuff in his mouth chew and swallow. The two Scatqueens then feed the slave with a fork and stuff the slave's mouth with shit. Now the living toilet has to do. The Scatqueens are resting. Lady Missy is using the mouth of the slave as an ashtry while Mistress Michelle come to the slave and put all the ash out of an ashtry into his toilet mouth. Nethertheless Today the slave still has to eat his own cum, mixed with piss and snot. But only as Lady Missy pinches his nipples extremely squirts of the slave.

Length: 39 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Slave for the Scatqueens

Mistress Michelle presents Veronica Moser the new toilet slave from the Scatqueens. She can use the slave without restrictions for her desires. Before Mistress Michelle give Veronica Moser the toilet slave, she tormented his nipples until he distort his face in pain. She gives him hard face slaps, before she spits and pees into his toilet mouth. Then Mistress Michelle lets Veronica Moser use the slave. Veronica Moser pees and poops into the mouth of the toilet slave. She is horny and simply sits on his mouth which is still filled with shit. She is extremely horny. The toilets slave begins to lick her pussy very well and Veronica Moser rolls her eyes. Afterwards, she smokes a cigarette and uses the slave as a living ashtray.

Length: 23 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Slave for the Scatqueens

Mistress Michelle, Scatqueens Lady Katharina and lady Christina are domiate a toilet slave which is serve all Scatqueens as a human toilet. Lady Katharina piss into the mouth of the slave while Lady Christina is playing at his balls with her boots. Then Mistress Michelle is pissing into his toilet mouth. He has no many time to swallow because Scatqueens Lady Katharina has to poop. She is shitting in his throat as she likes at most. The toilet slave enjoy the fresh bunch of shit and sucks at the shit like a candy. He is not ready but he has to open his mouth again cause Lady Katharina still like to puke into his toilet mouth. He has to swallow.

Length: 12 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Humilated and Shit into the Toilet Mouth P3

The toilet slave looks helpless and it seems that he cant swollow anymor of the shit from the Scatqueens. Lady Domi humiliates him and Lady Kimi is laughing. Then he get the dessert from Lady Kimi and Lady Domi. They puking into his mouth and the hole puke he swallow without any problems. At the end the Scatqueens torture him just for fun.

Length: 10 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

And just in case one of scatqueen smokes a cigarette, you are automatically her human ashtray , snaps a Scatqueen with their finger, you will go on your knees and open your mouth wide. This is normal for us.

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