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We are the Scatqueens and we shit and piss into the mouths of our toilet slaves. Serve us as a human toilet.

Scatqueens and the Shit Lover
Today there are two slaves with the Scatqueens. One, a total failure, is humiliated and has to swallow Lady Lola's piss. Since the slave does not obey, he is thrown out of the apartment with a kick in his ass. Shortly thereafter, a slave arrives who can at least serve as a complete human toilet. He chews and swallows the poop that Lady Domi shits in his mouth. Than the slave should be prove that he is as a good human toilet. He chews and swallows Lady Domi's poop without any problems. He even enjoys it. But can he eat another pile of shit that Lady Lucy poops in his mouth?

Scatqueens Party Loo
At the Scatqueens Party, the ladies need several human toilets to use. There is shitting and pissing in the mouths of the toilet slaves several times. Some scatqueens also use the toilet slaves as puke buckets.

4 Scatqueens 1 Slave P1

As the name implies, 4 scatqueens meet with a slave. First, the ladies humiliate the slave, whip him, kick him, beat him, spit in his stupid slave mouth and pinch in his sensitive nipples. Then a scatqueen shits a big pile of shit in his mouth and piss on top of it.

Eat Shit and Vomit Slave

The Scatqueens spit on the slave in his mouth. Then he is kicked and tortured with the cattle rod. The Scatqueens give him electric shocks. Then he lies down well on the floor and takes the funnel in his mouth. The Scatqueens spit and puked each one in his mouth. Again, swallow is duty for the toilet slave.

The Slave Cunt is full of Shit P2

Lady Domi and Lady Kimi are not finished yet. Now, Lady Kimi pisses into the slaves mouth and shits a huge pile of shit into his mouth. The shit that falls next to it, the slave stuffs in his mouth. Then he chew and swallow, because the Scatqueens want to puke over the slave cunt.

The Slave Cunt is full of Shit P1

Lady Domi and Lady Kimi have put their slave in a hooker outfit. Humiliated, he kneels there waiting for his use as a toilet slave. It does not take long before one of the Scatqueen has to shit urgently. First, they lead the slave to the toilet. There he has to get in position. That means in plain language, lie down, open your mouth and wait until the ladies have to shit, piss or whatever. It is swallowed. Lady Domi stuffs her shit personally into the mouth of the slave cunt. Lady Kimi pull his ears that he chew and swallow the shit faster. The shit is being eaten today, thats for sure.

Scatqueens Cunt in Service P2

Now there is no way back. The shit must be eaten. To encourage him, Lady Kimi tramples on his balls. Eat the huge pile of shit. Then Lady Domi flushes his mouth with piss before she pukes in his stupid face. The same goes for Lady Kimi. The tough puke does not end up in his slave's mouth, as it should be with such a trained human toilet. Well, one more reason to beat Scatqueens cunt and animate him to eat the puke with a spoon.

Scatqueens Cunt in Service P1

The toilet slave has to lick the shit-smeared shoe soles. Lady Lucy Delunatic then pisses the slave in the mouth and squeezes more shit out of her butt. Delicious shit to eat for the toilet slave. Even Lady Bianca Neve tries to shit. And indeed. It finally comes out of her gorgeous butt. While the toilet slave is totally smeared with shit and eats shit, the two scatqueens kiss.

And just in case one of scatqueen smokes a cigarette, you are automatically her human ashtray , snaps a Scatqueen with their finger, you will go on your knees and open your mouth wide. This is normal for us.

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