The latest Scatqueens Movies - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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The latest Scatqueens Movies

We are the Scatqueens and we shit and piss into the mouths of our toilet slaves. Serve us as a human toilet.

Scatqueens Scat Pig P1

Lady Domi and Lady Lucy treat a scat pig today. He loves to eat the shit of ladies. He likes to be humbled, kicked. Watch as the two Scatqueens Lady Domi and Lady Lucy treat the toilet slaves here and spit in his face and mouth. Blindfolded the toilet slave must then distinguish the piss of the two Scatqueens on taste. He reveals how the piss of Lady Domi tastes. In the next part the scat pig will be fed.

Length: 15min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Shit in the Mouth in front of the Girlfriend

Lady Domi presents her friend again today the toilet slave. She uses him as a footstool while Lady Domi kicks him in the ass. Then she watches as the slave licks the shoes of Scatqueen's Lady Domi clean. Both then spit into his slave's mouth without inhibitions. Then Lady Domi has to poop and pee. In front of her friend she shits the slave in the mouth. Although the girlfriend finds that disgusting and turns around while Lady Domi shits the slave in the mouth, she seems to find the topic of human toilets more interesting. Thats not enough, Lady Domi pisses and pukes in his slaves mouth. Today the puke is like fine mucus. No big chunks. Probably the food is already decomposed, hahaha. No matter, the slaves cunt has to swallow.

Length: 14min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Its Urgent

The toilet slave of the Scatqueens cleans the apartment when Lady Marie and Mistress Michelle ring. Then it is very fast, Lady Marie has to shit urgently and uses the slave for it. His mouth open, she quickly shit in. Today it is very soft, almost diarrhea. Even the practiced shit-eater grimaces his face. Then Mistress Michelle pissing in his mouth and shit also in. He must not chew and swallow. The toilet slave has to keep the shit in his mouth and gets punched with the cane.

Length: 15min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Casting Scat

The slave hangs on ropes from the ceiling. Only his upper body is on the ground. Mistress Michelle first sits down on his slaves face with her bare ass. She lashes his butt and soles with a cane, pinches his nipples and spits him into his slaves mouth. Without asking, she shits him in his mouth. He begins to chew the pile of shit. Scatqueens Mistress Michelle helps a bit and pinches his nipples. When he has finished eating well, she just lets him hang and go.

Length: 12min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Pig

Mistress Michelle gets the toilet slave out of the chamber. He is completely in rubber. He has to kneel down and keep his hands under the butt of his scatqueen. Mistress Michelle pisses on his hands first. The slave licks it and then licks the floor clean. Then she shits the slave a big sausage on his hand. His job is how it should be otherwise to eat the steaming pile of crap in front of Mistress Michelle. She humiliates her toilet slave verbally. When he has eaten the shit, he immediately gets a rubber mask with gag and blindfold.

Length: 11min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

And just in case one of scatqueen smokes a cigarette, you are automatically her human ashtray , snaps a Scatqueen with their finger, you will go on your knees and open your mouth wide. This is normal for us.

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