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We are the Scatqueens and we shit and piss into the mouths of our toilet slaves. Serve us as a human toilet.

My old Neighbour is a Shit Eater P1

Scatqueen's Mistress Michelle has invited Lady Joice today. Both are chilling on the couch while the slave is waiting on the toilet, which he uses as a living toilet. As Lady Joice goes to the bathroom, she notices that the slave is an old acquaintance. After a short moment, she finds it amusing to use and torture a friend as a toilet. First she pisses him in his slave mouth. Then she lashes him out, tortures his balls, pulls his nipples long and then bends over his open toilet mouth to shit into it. He gets a small piece of shit for cost. She tries again and again to push her shit out. The toilet slave is cheeky and then just stick his tongue into the asshole of Lady Joice.


Length: 24min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Rubberdoll P3

Lady Celine feeds the toilet slave with shit, while the rubber doll fucks the slave with the strap on. Then there are hard slaps for the slave before Lady Celine fucks his asshole. Hard strokes with the paddle cause pain for the slave. Then he may lick the spit from the rubber doll and Lady Celine from the floor.


Length: 20min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Rubberdoll P2

Lady Chrissy now tries to fist the slave with two hands. The rubber doll provides lubrication. Then the rubber doll has to go shit. The toilet slave is already waiting eagerly. But he can only watch her as she shits on the plate. Then he is allowed to smell but not eat anything. Previously, his mouth is still fucked with the strapon. The human rubber doll takes his head and rams him the rubber dick in his throat.


Length: 17min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scat Rubberdoll P1

Lady Chrissy prepares the rubber doll and cleans it. Then she has to go to the toilet and uses the human toilet, which is already under the toilet seat. She sits down and pees in the open mouth. She does not have to look down. She knows that the slave is trained, that he opens his mouth by itself. Then she shits in his mouth and does not have to say much. The slave eats everything that gets shit in his mouth.
Then another slave crawls into the room and gets fisted by Lady Chrissy.


Length: 20min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scatqueens - Shit in the Mouth in the Wood P3

The toilet slave, who is lying on the floor, has not yet been released. Lady Kimi needs the toilet slave and vomits a lot in his mouth. The slave makes a face when swallowing and seems to torture himself. But he has to swallow, that's for sure. Then he has to crawl on all fours to the two Scatqueens. They spit, laugh at him and use him as a living ashtray. Lady Domi pushes her cigarette out on his slave tongue. Then he may step out of sight.


Length: 8min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Scatqueens - Shit in the Mouth in the Wood P2

The Scatqueens Lady Domi and Lady Kimi relax on a bench in the forest. The slave is there and is allowed to hold the remains of the burger in his hands. Of course on knees. The Scatqueens spit on it again and again. After a cheeky remark, the slave ends up in the dirt. Then Lady Domi expresses her cigarette on the burger. Now the slave may eat the burger. Then he is kicked again and has to lie down on the floor. Scatqueens Lady Kimi has to pee and shit. First, she tramples on the slaves, spits in his mouth. Then she pisses and shits him in there. A fat pile of shit, which he also has to eat while Lady Kimi pinches his nipples.


Length: 7min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

And just in case one of scatqueen smokes a cigarette, you are automatically her human ashtray , snaps a Scatqueen with their finger, you will go on your knees and open your mouth wide. This is normal for us.

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