Preview31 - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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Training of the Toilet Slave Part2

After Lady Sandys mother has entered the room, the toilet slave licks the boots from Lady Sandys mother clean. She also loves to let their feet worshipped. After a short command of Lady Sandy the slave is lying under the Scatqueens toilet seat so he has learned - toilet mouth wide open and in one hand the toilet paper for the Lady.

Length: 31 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Lady Devil - Slave Feeding

Lady Devil welcomes her slave with a cup of golden shower and a praline from her butt. At the table with two candles, the slave sits and waits obediently for the special gifts from Lady Devil. After the appetizer the little slave will be mummified and Lady Devil is pumping a liquid into his urethra and sticks thicker and thicker rods  in his urethra. Then Lady Devil shits on a plate and feeding the mummified slaves and smear the slaves face with her shit. Lady Devils hands are full of shit right now. But what a slaves mouth are be there for?

Length: 23 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Two Human Toilets for Lisa Part2

Lady Lisa phone with Mistress Michelle, she has another toilet slave for her because Lisa like to use another slave as a human toilet. Scatqueen Lady Lisa is a bit annoyed, because the toilet slave comes too late and so she firstonce punish the slave. She fucks the slave with a strap on deeply till he moans. after that he has to lick the strap on clean and do a short blowjob. Now its time to shit in his mouth.  Again and again a pile of shit plops into his mouth, which he immediately chews and swallows. The Scatqueen is very satisfied and whip out the slaves butt.

Length: 24 min. - Format: WMV - Language: English

Neue Facesitting Filme bei Yezzclips
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