Preview33 - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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Lady Sandy has to shit urgently

Scatqueen Lady Sandy had allready used these toilet slave. Mistress Michelle and Lady Sandy are shitting one after another into the slaves mouth. Then Scatqueen Lady Sandy have to piss over a minute into the slaves mouth while her big fresh bunsh is allready in there. He is completely used as a human toilet.

Length: 23 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Lady Missy - The Cleaning Slave eat my shit

Lady Missy have never seen before my cleaning slave. nethertheless Lady Missy is shitting in his mouth. But Lady Missy does not allow him to swallow her big pile of shit. At first she wants to play with that slave. She gives him hard faceslaps and she spits very roughtless in the face of these cleaning toilet slave.

Length: 18 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

I Love Your Scat Mistress Part3

At the last part of this human toilet training Lady Lisa has still much more shit for the toilet slave. Before Lisa fill up the toilet slaves mouth Mistress Michelle put an inflatable dildo in his ass. Then Scatqueen Lady Lisa shit a lot. After that the slave has to open his mouth for the vomit and the snot of the Scatqueen. The toilet slave is laying on the floor trying to swallow all the shit from Lady Lisa.

Length: 12 min. - Format: WMV - Language: English

I Love Your Scat Mistress Part2

Lisa and Mistress Michelle are whipping the toilet slave and give him a little strapon session. Lisa is fucking the toilet slave hard with a strapon. Funny noises comes out of the slave while Lisa is fucking his asshol. After the session he have to lick up his own shit from the strapon and do a blowjob.

Length: 16 min. - Format: WMV - Language: English

I Love Your Scat Mistress Part1

Mistress Michelle and Lady Lisa educate a cheeky toilet slave. First he get the piss from Mistress Mcihelle in his toilet mouth and swallow all, than she shits a big pile in his stinky mouth. That makes him horny that he likes to have a wank. Lady Lisa whip his balls to stop touching himsleve. She likes to piss in his mouth.

Length: 15 min. - Format: WMV - Language: English

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