Preview34 - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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Shit into the Mouth of the New Year Slave P2

Lady Domi has to wipe her butt and put the toilet paper deep into the slave mouth. His mouth is still filled with shit. Lady Lili looks at everything. Also as Lady Lucy pissing the toilet slave directly into his mouth. The slave can now eat the shit of Lady Lucy. He is starting to chew on shit. It seems that Lady Lili seems to like it what she see. And as Scatqueens Lady Domi vomit the New Years slave in his mouth, and the slave swallow everything, Lady Lili remains quite calm. She stand up and the whip the slave. The Scatqueens have their nose full with mucus and snort their noses naturally also directly into the slave mouth.

Length: 15 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Shit into the Mouth of the New Year Slave P1

The Scatqueens have a new girlfriend. Her name is Lili and she likes to humiliate a slave to whip and spit into the mouth. She piss in a mouth of a slave here for her first time. To use a slave completely as a human toilet and shit into his mouth she hasnt done before. Maybe she will do it in the future, who knows ;-)
So here the New Year's Day with the Scatqueens, who use their toilet slaves again. First, the slave gets strokes on his testicles with a whip until he sreams in pain. Lady Domi then has mercy with him, for now. At the same time the scatqueens have spit their snot in a glass. This receive the slave as a special reward. Finally, Scatqueens Lady Domi piss and shit into his toilet mouth. The Scatqueens uses the toilet slaves and have fun.

Length: 15 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Shit and Vomit Mix for the Looser P2

The Scat Menue is ready. Beside the vomit of Lady Domi lies the pile of shit of Lady Kimi. The toilet slave is verbally animated to swallow the shit and puke of the scatqueens. Garnish with her snot, the new toilet slaves begins to chew and swallow. The fork is full with shit and puke. The Scatqueens educate him to eat it all with pleasure while they are spitting in his mouth or face. But the toilet slave distorts his face, so it seems that he doesnt like the taste. But he has to eat it all today. Lady Kimi starts to snort a slimy booger deep from her nose. A highlight for snot lovers. Humiliated and insulted, the shit-eater must eat everything from the tray. Today Lady Kimi has really fun to spit.

Length: 15 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Shit and Vomit Mix for the Looser P1

This time, the new toilet slave is painted with degrading spells and is verbally humiliated. He is made aware that he is no one among the Scatqueens. He is only there to eat the shit and swallow the piss and vomit of the ladies. He is only a living toilet for the ladies. With his face full of spit, he looks as Lady Kimi bottled two cups with her piss, and then she shits on a tray. He can swallow the piss in front of the Scatqueens, but first he has to say a spell. Then Lady Domi fills a cup with her puke and snot and tip out the vomit on the tablet, besides the pile of shit.

Length: 18 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

The Shit Mask P2

The mouth of the toilet slave is filled up with the shit of both Scatqueens. Lady Kimi then sticks some pieces of shit from Lady Domi into the mouth of the toilet slave until he winds. It seems that he have some problems with these big piles of shit to eat it all. But the Scatqueens does not care, they pinch into his nipples. Verbal humiliation and their snot into the smeared face you can enjoy here. At the end the toilet slave has a great mask of shit which is covered his face.;-)

Length: 18 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

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