Preview35 - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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Lisas Scat Bitch P3+4

Lady Lisa wants to show Mistress Michelle how she fists the slave. The slave groans and the ladies laugh. Lady Lisa pisses then again in mouth of the slave and also shits several times in his mouth. Then she pukes the slave into his mouth too. Absolutely cool. The toilet slave masturbates and squirts and Mistress Michelle collects his cumshot in a mug and tilts the whole load of sperm also into his mouth. Today, everything is eaten well and swallowed, no matter what.

Length: 30 min. - Format: WMV - Language: English

Lisas Scat Bitch P1+2

Scatqueens Lady Lisa has a slaves bitch on the toilet who is waiting to be used as a Toilet Slave. Lisa sits in the kitchen and masturbate herself. Before she has an orgasm, she uses the slave as a toilet slave, pissing in his slave mouth and uses him as a human ashtray. Then she goes back to the kitchen, seems to be totally horny and continues to masturbate herself until until she come to orgasm and groans loudly. Afterwards, she go back to the toilet and fist the slaves asshole which is already widened and Lisa can sink her hand completely into the asshole of these slave bitch. Then she goes back to the kitchen and start to masturbate again, but is disturbed by Mistress Michelle who suddenly stands at the door and has breakfast with it. Before both Ladies have breakfast Lady Lisa shits into the mouth of the toilet slave and Mistress Michelle pees shortly after in his toilet mouth.

Length: 32 min. - Format: WMV - Language: English

Lady Luciana - Painfull Scat Feeding P2

The toilet slave must lick the finger of Scatqueens Lady Luciana completely clean. In between, the slave gets slaps repeatedly and it is pinched at his nipples, until he moans and distort his face in pain.

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Length: 21 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Lady Luciana - Painfull Scat Feeding P1

Lady Luciana demolishes this slave to the toilet and makes him clear from the beginning that he is an idiot. He will wear a heavy rubber mask, while Lady Luciana sits with pleasure on the toilet chair. His nipples are between his fingernails and she pinches. Then Lady Lucy shits and the toilet slave groans loudly in pain. After Lady Luciana shit she takes care of feeding the toilet slave with her shit. She enjoys watching the slave swallow every single piece of shit from her and lick her fingers.

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Length: 21 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

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