Preview36 - - The Scatqueens and their toilet slaves.

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Garden Toilet Day1

Lady Missy is with her girlfriend in her garden house which unfortunately has no toilet. But there is the toilet slaves of the Scatqueens. It is also ordered today, but does not arrive. Lady Missy urgently has to go to the toilet and call the toilet slaves and ask why he is not there yet? When the slave arrives, he immediately prepares for his Scatqueens and is shortly thereafter in the next room with his mouth open. Lady Missy uses him without circumlocution and pisses into his mouth. Afterwards, she smokes a cigarette next door with her girlfriend and ignores the human toilet. Then Lady Missy has to shit times and now kicks pretty soft, perfect for the slave who only needs to swallow. Shortly later, her girlfriend also needs to pee and also uses the toilet slaves of the Scatqueens. When Lady Missy has to go back to the toilet, the toilet slave now gets a really big portion in his mouth. He certainly did not expect that. The shit is again very soft and the slave has no chance, his mouth is inevitably filled with a fresh steamy pile of shit from his scatqueens. However, he has trouble today as a toilet and is apparently clogged. Well, Lady Missy has something ready.

Length: 39 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Adore Me Scat

Lady Marie, Mistress Michelle and Lady Angie using a toilet slave together and he gets today three fresh piles of shit from the Scatqueens. Lady Angie is the first Scatqueen and she gives the toilet slave a big pile of shit directly in his throath. He starts to chew and swallow. Then Lady Marie and Mistress Michelle shits and piss. Lady Angie is wank his cock again and again with her feets and her hands till he has an errection and his cum lands shortly after on his shit mask which he has allready in his face.

Length: 18 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

Marie at the Morning

The toilet slave is lying under the toilet chair at the morning while Scatqueen Lady Marie is shitting and pissing into his mouth. It takes time and his slave lips are arround her asshole and he swallow till he gets in trouble with the shit and almost he has to puke. At this moment Lady Marie found some clear words to the toilet slave and he agree with it. The slave is very submissive and it seems that Lady Marie love his behavior and she laughs into the camera. She is satisfied with his service and the slave has to serve his Scatqueen kneeling as an human ashtry while lady Marie is smoking a cigarette. It takes no long time and the slave gets some face slaps but also he has the permission to lick their shoe soles clean and subsequently her beautiful feet.

Length: 16 min. - Format: WMV - Language: German

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